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Barton – BMC030 Instrument Interface

This is actually the BMC030 Guitar Input module from Barton Musical Circuits but because it can accept so much more than just guitar input we decided to re-brand it the Instrument Interface.

After testing it out with guitar we tried out a few other inputs including a Suzuki Omnichord, an Akai audio sampler and even a microphone.  You should hear the sound of percussion being run through a modular.  The possibilities are endless!

A Gain control and input level switch allow you to control the incoming signal and get it just to the level you want it at to distribute through your system.  Potentiometers allow you to adjust the levels at which gates are triggered by your input and how long the envelope triggered by the gate remains active.

Outputs Included;

  • Audio Output – This is the amplified audio sent into the external input.
  • Envelope Output – This is a rectified and filtered version of the audio, useful as control voltage.
  • Gate Output – This is a +5V/0V pulse, useful for triggering things like A/R generators
  • Square Output – This is a +/-5V audio pulse output.


The module operates at +/- 15V and comes with a style power connector.

BMC030 Instrument Interface (Guitar Input) Vendor Product Page
Product Documentation


  • Level 1: $170
  • Level 2: $160
  • Level 3: $150

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