Synthesizer Modules, Making Music, Recording and Much More


Between the time I was twelve to seventeen my career plan involved becoming a rock star, travelling the world performing concerts, cranking out record albums and making a fortune.  Unfortunately at the time that was the plan of most kids my age.  It was a different time where bands had to work and perform live to get out there.  There was no Internet to make stars overnight and no TV shows handing out record contracts.

Instead my career path lead me into the field of computers which at the time was an extremely lucrative business and a mostly empty playing field.  Instead of Rock & Roll I opted for Bits & Bytes and had a fairly successful run for over twenty-seven years.

I never gave up on my love for music during that time and maintained and expanded my drum kit as well as acquiring other toys such as MIDI controllers (newly developed at the time) and keyboard gear as well as some stringed instruments.  With some extra time on my hands starting about five years ago I delved back into the world of music with far more vigour than I had over the past three decades.

The Internet was a huge help as a resource for learning and improving my capabilities.  Many sites provided details on how to do practically anything.  With online help I was able to build a small studio, learn more about drums, repair instruments and build on my knowledge of keyboards and synthesizers.

The goal of this site is to give back some of that knowledge through the experiences I’ve been through on my path to musical knowledge.  I hope to help folks who have asked some of the questions I have asked and to show some of the new things I’ve learned along the way.

I hope you find the information useful and informative.

UPDATE:  Lower West Side Studio now offers hand built synthesizer modules for sale!  Check our Products Page for more information.



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