This past Saturday was National Drone Day.  The event was started four years ago by Weird Canada’s Wyrd Arts Initiatives. Drone Day promotes the creation of experimental, drone and ambient music.  Individuals and groups are encouraged to create drone music during the course of a single day.

This year Long & McQuade in Owen Sound, Ontario graciously hosted the event at their store.  We had participation by a handful of artists including Fizzbin the electronic band comprised of myself and bandmate John Hall.  Joining the drone was Russ Walsh of Long & McQuade plus Shaun (I have to find out his last name).  My wife Mari joined us as well as local production artist Russ Ellis.  Bits and pieces were added by musicians who were passing through the store.

Our drone piece lasted just under two hours and was great fun.  The group used a wide variety of instruments including modular and analog synthesizers, vintage echoes, bass guitars, a spring device called a Firefly run through a range of effects pedals and Moog’s iPad app Animoog.  Percussion was added with real and electronic toys.

During the event we had a number of visitors listening to the droning as well as asking questions and learning about the instruments and event.  It was a great time and everyone had some fun.

Huge thanks go to Jarret Koop, Russ Walsh the wonderful staff at Long & McQuade and all the great people who performed and visited!