I’ve owned Q130 Clipper / Rectifier module by Synthesizers.com for some time now but somehow never managed to use it very much.  That was mostly because I didn’t quite understand exactly what it did.  I’d plug various sources into the module, turn it up and wonder if I was hearing a difference.

There are a few demos of the Q130 on YouTube (thanks for those guys!) but after viewing them I still wasn’t quite sure what was going on to the signals which passed through the module.  Reading the docs (who reads those?!?!) helped but nothing clarifies things like a picture on an oscilloscope.

I happened to have my scope hooked up to the modular yesterday for some oscillator calibration so I took the opportunity to connect it to the Q130 and to see what was going on.  I made two videos of the process; In Part 1 I connect a Q106 oscillator to the Q130 to demonstrate what the module does to an audio signal.  In Part 2 I connect a Q109 Envelope Generator and we see what happens to the envelope.

I’m including the videos here for your dining and dancing pleasure.  I hope you find them helpful!