Last week I received a Stroh Dual Gene Splicer kit from  This versatile module is actually two boards mounted in a single width (1U) MU panel.  The panel is by Caleb Condit and is laid out clearly and cleanly.

Complete Dual Gene Splicer Kit from


Each Gene Splicer provides two inputs which are mixed together and then sent to both regular and inverted outputs.  A control voltage can be used to pan between these two inputs.  Either audio or  control voltages can be input into the input ports.

If you’re new to DIY and looking for an easy place to start then this is the module for you.  The board consists primarily of resistors with a few diodes, capacitors and a single Integrated Circuit.  The interface to the outside world is through ten 1/4″ jacks.  There are no potentiometers.  Both boards are identical and can be built quickly and easily.

Both PCBs Almost Completely Populated

Once the boards are complete it’s time to wire the jacks, install the board mounts and connect the power.  I used a single ground wire connecting all the jacks together then connected the ground to the ground on one of the PCBs.

1/4″ Jacks Mounted and Ready to Wire

Rather than wiring headers onto each board I opted to solder wires connecting the power pads.  The board uses +/- 15 volts plus ground.  There are pads for both MOTM and Eurorack style power connectors.

Power Wires Run Under The Boards

The kit comes with an MOTM to Dotcom power connector convertor but I opted to wire my own Dotcom style power connector directly to the board setup.  After soldering all the power wires to the board I connected the remaining flying wires to the 1/4″ jacks.  There are only 5 per board and the wiring went very quickly.  I opted to run the wires through the underside of the board to keep the build more clean.

The Dual Gene Splicer Wired Up And Ready To Test

With the wiring all done the board was ready to test.  For testing I have a separate power supply which I use on untested modules prior to connecting them to my modular’s actual power supply…. just in case.  Once I confirmed the module was working I installed it in my cabinet.

The Dual Gene Splicer Mounted In The Cabinet

The kit itself comes without documentation, however, the docs for this and other Stroh modules can be found here on the Muff Wiggler Forum.  The Bill of Materials is available in this thread.

To see the features of the Stroh Dual Gene Splicer check out the following video…