I’ve recently completed my build of a 5U version of the System X ADSR Envelope Generator by Frequency Central.  I have to admit it was a quick build and not very difficult.  I would definitely recommend it for those interested in getting into modular synthesizer DIY.

I ordered both the PCB and the panel from Frequency Central.  The panel is an MU style panel which sits perfectly in my Synthesizers.com style cabinet.  The panel design is by Caleb Condit.  The PCB is designed to accept either MOTM or Dotcom style power connectors with +/- 15 volts.

Board quality is quite excellent and very easy to work with.  The board is double layered and very clearly labeled.  The components are quite standard and I was able to build this project with items I already had in inventory.  The only items which I did not have were the potentiometers.  I ordered these from Tayda Electronics as they were not available at my normal component suppliers DigiKey or Mouser.  The parts arrived within a week though so the build wasn’t slowed down too much.

The module is very easy and straightforward to use.  As the name implies there are controls for each Attack, Decay, Sustain and Release.  There is also a switch for selecting Fast or Slow envelopes.  There is a gate input and both normal and inverted outputs.  These features together provide some very cool options for creating interesting effects.

The Completed System X ADSR
Populated PCB With Dotcom Power Connector
Mounted In Cabinet


The following video demonstrates the use of the Fast / Slow switch on the Envelope Generator…