Well it didn’t take long for me to get the PAiA 9700 I just finished building connected to my lovely Moog Sub 37.  The Sub 37 has 4 Control Voltage (CV) Inputs; Filter, Gate, Pitch and Volume.

I’ve never used CV inputs on a synthesizer and the 9700 is my first venture into modular synthesis.  In most ways I’m a rookie with both these machines.  That won’t stop me from having fun though!

The important thing about the PAiA 9700 is to complete calibration of the individual modules.  This holds particularly true for the 9700 MIDI2CV module itself.  When I first got the unit fired up, moving from C2 to C3 didn’t quite sound right.  Neither did C2 to D2.  Some calibration fixed this and once all the modules were set up correctly the unit performed beautifully.

When I built the 9700 I created the suggested set of patch cables.  Since then though I’ve added a few 1 to 2 and 1 to 3 additions to provide more flexibility.

I found a patch online that I set my 9700 up for.  It wasn’t too complex and produced a really nice tone.  I then modulated the tone which sounded pretty cool.  At that point I thought of sending the modulated signal out to the Sub 37.  I have created a sound file containing the various sounds created with the Sub 37 and the 9700 itself.

The test was run by pressing A2 on the Sub 37 and moving from A1 to A3 on the PAiA.  I’ve got a Roland A-300 Pro keyboard connected to the PAiA so my range is a bit limited.  Between each pause I’m switching CV inputs on the Moog.

The patch settings for the PAiA 9700 are in the photo below;


I will credit the author of the original patch once I find the page where I got it…