Leonard Nimoy’s recent passing was very sad.  I learned of if through a text by my son.  Our family are a group of Star Trek nerdlingers.  My wife and I dragged our son to all the conventions and shows.  We even got a chance to meet Leonard Nimoy and get his autograph after hearing him speak at one of the Toronto shows.  Lots of fun.

Last week my Fizzbin bandmate John brought over his new toy; a Korg MS2000.  This vintage beauty has thick, rich sounds that can be easily shaped through its ample control panel.  I really love analog synthesis!  John is using the MS2000 with his Ploytec PL2 synthesizer.

Our last rehearsal ran a bit late so John decided to leave his gear here.  For me that was a major bonus as I could experiment with MIDI setups as well as get to know a vintage synth a bit better.

After setting everything up in a playable manner I flipped on the TV.  I like some visual stimulation and often have a TV on with the volume muted.  This particular day they were running a Star Trek marathon in honour of Leonard Nimoy’s death.

I set my Yamaha Motif XF on a backbeat pattern but not a Performance setting.  I’m finding the Performances all sound mostly alike and the music that comes out of using them sounds canned.

Instead I went free-form with all the synthesizers, switching from one to the other and playing with the various sounds.  These included John’s PL2, MS2000 and my Sub 37.  To make matters more fun I ran the Sub 37 through John’s Roland Space Echo.  WOW!

The song is more or less a dirge which I think is fitting for the subject matter.  After recording in a single take I went on to pilfer some Spock sound clips but then ended up recording most of my own.

I’m very sad that Leonard Nimoy is gone.  He brought me a great deal of joy and inspired me to constantly seek knowledge.

Created on a Yamaha Motif XF6, Moog Sub 37, Ploytec PL2 and Korg MS2000
Created on a Yamaha Motif XF6, Moog Sub 37, Ploytec PL2 and Korg MS2000