Last December I posted an article about how I was using my iPad to make music.  Here we are six months later.  Some apps have lasted and some of gone by the wayside.  A number have been added.

Here are the additions and changes;


Garageband – An excellent app that I just wasn’t using.  Took lots of space.

V-Control Free – Free version too limited. $50 version full of stuff I didn’t need or want to pay for.

iShred Live – Replaced it with free version of Amplitube.


Audiobus – This app acts like glue between Audiobus compliant applications.  It’s like cables that allow you to route output from one app as the input for another.  It also allows you to switch between multiple music apps while they play turning the iPad into a performance machine.  More and more apps are becoming Audiobus compliant each week.

Auria – If you want a complete mixing desk with you all the time then Auria is the app for you.  I got the full-on $50 version which is incredible.  You can plug into any number of USB Class 2 Audio interfaces and make multi-track recordings anywhere.  Auria is Audiobus compliant

Amplitube – Like iShred Live this app is a guitar amp and effects rig.  It comes with a delay and a noise filter as freebies and you can buy all sorts of add-ins.  You can even add in a fully integrated DAW.  While I don’t use guitar effects apps a lot, this one is Audiobus compliant so you can apply the effects to the output of any of your music apps.  Oh and this one’s free!

Clap Box – This is a great little hand clapping application for those times you just need some clapping hands.  There are a ton of adjustable parameters and it’s MIDI compliant.  Get it while it’s free!

iMini – I have always been a huge Minimoog fan.  It’s classic sound can’t be beat.  This app gives you the look and feel plus the sound of the classic synthesizer.  There are also two pads for live performance control of the synths parameters.  You have to try it to believe it!  Oh, and as you might have guessed; Audiobus compliant.  It’s also Tabletop compliant.  We’ll get to that.

Impaktor – As a drummer I tap a lot of tables and other surfaces when I’m away from my kit.  This app uses the mic as a sensor to trigger a variety of synth sounds.  So you can lay your iPhone on your leg and play your knee while your phone belts out snare, tom or tons of other effects sounds.  It’s a toy but, hell…. toys are fun!  And it actually works pretty well.

New But Haven’t Tried Much

Filatron – Moog sampler and effects processor

iKaossilator – Korg’s iOS version of their Kaossilator beat box.  It’s like having a dance party in your pocket

MIDIDesigner – Custom MIDI controller designer.  Very handy for creating your own interface.

MIDIGuitar – Turns your guitar into a MIDI instrument

Tabletop – A modular studio environment with in-app purchases for effects, instruments, etc…  Not sure about this one.  And it’s a fat app.

The iPad is a great platform for playing with electronic music and even recording music.  One thing I’ve noticed though is that my old iPad 2 is starting to show its age.  With several of these apps loaded and playing you can get a stutter that’s unacceptable in a live performance.  It think I’m going to pass on the iPad 4 and wait for the 5 to come out if I can.  Like any kind of computer music – the more horsepower the better.