Ok, I admit it.  As the rhythm guy behind the kit I have a sick affection for the thump, thump, thump of the other part of the rhythm section; the bass.  As a young musician and the drummer, my bands would often leave their instruments at my place.  Sometimes we’d hang around and they’d teach me how to play stuff.  While I liked playing the guitar (man those strings hurt my fingers) I LOVED playing the bass.

Here’s where I want to thank my old mates for teaching me how to play and letting me use their instruments which they left at my place.  Or rather having me play them without permission then clean their instruments like only an OCD can.

Anyway, back in 1995 my son lost interest in drums and switched to guitar.  At the time I thought it would be cool to rekindle my relationship with the bass so I picked up a Fender Jazz Squire Series bass.  Since then I’ve been playing it on and off.  Recently a new project has me plucking away at it daily.

Then something odd happened.  My wife told me that she’d really like to learn to play the bass.  Wow!  Totally cool!  The trouble was that as she was learning to play our bass I’d be taking it away to practice leaving her with nothing to play.

Then came the Hohner.  My friend / teacher / bandmate John had told me of this Hohner bass for sale at the local pawn shop.  I had checked it out back around the holidays.  It was nice but at the time I didn’t want to buy a bass (I wanted drum stuff : )

Anyway we decided to buy it  and went back to the store this past weekend.  We worked out a deal with them for the Hohner B2A bass.  It really sounds great and we both love playing it.  It practically plays all Flock of Seagulls songs by itself  😀

I love having a musical wife!

While it’s not a Steinberger, or even Steinberger sounding this bass is a blast to play and has a full, rich sound.  That’s with crappy old strings.  Stay tuned and see what happens when I fix this beauty up!