I’ve had an iPad since the first one came out.  In fact, I was in the US during the period they were available in the US but not in Canada and picked my first one up then.  Practically the first program I got for it was a drum machine.  It was called Beatmaker and cost $20.  This was at a time when most Apple apps were still being given away.

Since then I’ve gone through a ton of music apps and I thought I’d share the current content of my iPad’s Music folder.  Some like Beatmaker have bitten the dust (no upgrade path without paying over and over – it’s history) and others are still free but I’d be more than happy to pay for.

So here are my apps;

Remote by Apple – This application allows you to control your iTunes library by remote control from your iDevice.  Very handy for starting and stopping songs from behind the drum kit or across the room.

Animoog by Moog – An anisotropic synthesizer engine with a very funky interface.  Rich, incredible sounds with a wide library to choose from.  MIDI support as well.

AC-7 Core by Saitara – I’m hung up with this one.  AC7 is a remote control program for your DAW.  It sort of puts the mixing deck in your lap.  Very, very handy.  Trouble is there are some glitches with the Mac version and the vendor seems to have vanished.  I use this program but am looking for an alternative.  It’s disappointing because this is a paid app.

Music Studio 2   by Xewton – This app got me seriously into multi-track recording and mixing.  It was one of the earlier apps I got and I love it.  There is a great free version and an expanded paid version (more instruments).  MIDI support is well done and you can create some great tracks on the go.

Sunrizer Synth by BeepStreet – This analog synthesizer is simply awesome.  Numerous libraries are available with banks of sounds or create your own.  If you’re looking for a flexible arpeggiator, you’ve found it.  Patch in with a CoreMIDI keyboard for some wireless fun for hours.

Little MIDI Machine by Synthetic Bits – I stumbled upon this application a few days ago and have been hooked ever since.  It is a flexible MIDI sequencer with incredibly sophisticated routing and fantastic note control.  Within minutes I had turned my Yamaha DX7-II into a sequencing FM synth.  Wirelessly!  Oh, and as of the time of this writing – It’s free!

Garageband by Apple – I got this app when I was using Garageband for the Mac.  It’s a large app that I don’t use much any more and am considering removing from the pad.  If, however, you use Garageband then this app is a cool companion app to work with.  <<Edit>> I decided to remove GarageBand from the pad.

DM1 The Drum Machine by FingerLab – Man, I can’t say enough good things about this program.  It’s my favourite drum machine.  Very powerful, flexible and getting better with each revision.  Basic MIDI support is included with more to follow.  Sample your own sounds and use them in your beats.  This app totally rocks!

V-Control Free by Neyrink – This is another remote DAW control application.  I’m tossed up about this one.  The full version is $50 and has a TON of features, several of which I don’t require.  On the flip side it’s powerful, works very well and is supported.  The free version is stripped down and very handy but lacks several useful features in order for you to want the full version.  I’d pay $20 for it but $50?  I don’t know…

MIDI Monitor by iOSMIDI – This handy tool provides a MIDI testing board for sending and receiving MIDI signals.  It’s very useful for debugging MIDI problems or for testing.  It’s free but there are ads.  Nothing too intrusive though.

PAD MIDI by Onoko Intl. – Wifi MIDI pads.  Simple and flexible.

iShred Live by Frontier – This is a guitar tool which comes with a couple of decent effects and has more available for in-app purchases.  You’ll need some type of guitar input like iRig.

SPL Pro by Studio 6 Digital – This is a fantastic sound meter.  Very useful for tuning a room or proving your kid’s stereo is cranked louder than a jet

Pro Metronome by EUM – I’ll bet you were thinking a drummer wouldn’t have a metronome application but this is the one I chose.  It is VERY flexible providing control over speed, tempo, beats and visuals.  I’ve tried several but this one takes the cake.  There’s an excellent free version or you can pay the buck and get all the features.  It’s so easy to use even guitar players can figure it out ; )

The Drum Dictionary  by Ryan Dillon – The perfect reference tool for all drummers.  It contains 40 rudiments and over 100 beats to practice.  A must for every drummer.  Oh, and it’s free!

SoundCloud by SoundCloud – If you use SoundCloud (how many times can I write SoundCloud on 1 line) then this application is a handy front end for the service.  The latest version sucks less than the previous one.

InsTuner by EUM – A chromatic tuner featuring several display modes including Instant Tuning, Fine Tuning and even FFT displays.  Very useful not only for tuning but also for sound analysis)