I love extending the life of stuff I like.  Several years ago I picked up this great waterproof case to carry my scuba diving computers and gauges.  I’ve since stopped diving and this heavy-duty, foam lined case was sitting on a shelf.

The case is a UK 6010 by Underwater Kinetics.  The interior came with a foam insert which is cut into cubes.  This allows you to customize the case for whatever  you’re planning to store in it.  Over the years my foam was modified then re-modified to suit the various computers and accessories I had at the time.

I contacted Underwater Kinetics last week and ordered a replacement foam for the case.  It was cheap and they sent it fast.  Thanks guys!

I’ve been looking for a way to conveniently store my microphones for my drum kit.  Having a large kit means having a lot of mics.  I’m using Shure SM57 mics for my toms and snare.  Seven are required in total.  I have five at this time.   I’ve also got a couple of AKG C1000S mics for overheads which come in their own cases and an AKG D112.

The UK 6010 is the perfect size for the SM57s.  I hollowed out sections for each mic and then reinforced the sections using electrical tape.  Because of the wear and tear caused by removing and inserting the mics I wanted to prevent the foam from breaking apart.  It works pretty well!  The mics are now stored in a safe, waterproof, durable case and I’ve got an old piece of gear off the shelf.

Rock On!

IMG_1485 IMG_1484