Several years ago I took up scuba diving as a way to go places, meet people and do things – underwater.  Over the course of my adventures diving my wife bought me this way-cool Armour scuba gear bag.  This was a top-of-the-line bag for dragging your gear with you around the world.  The case is tough, re-inforced and easy to travel with.  It was advertised as weighing only 10 pounds!

Hold on!  10 Pounds?

In a time when huge weight restrictions are being applied by the airlines 10 pounds might as well be a ton.  These once coveted items now sat languishing on store shelves.  The response by the case manufacturers was to release a new line of 6 pound bags that were (as they claimed) every bit as tough and rugged as the 10 pound bags.  Whatever…..

So here I am with this scuba gear bag which is now pretty much useless.  Until, that is, I saw a product for sale in Modern Drummer magazine.  This product advertised itself as a Hardware Carrying Bag.  What I saw in the picture was my scuba gear bag with a new label.

Until now I’ve always carried my drum hardware in an old hockey bag.  As a Canadian it is required that we have these lying around.  The bag when loaded is awkward and very heavy.  I always manage to smash up my calves when carrying it.

I went to my garage and dug the scuba bag out of the “garage sale” pile and brought it inside to try out for a local gig we were playing.  I was totally floored!  My drum hardware fit neatly inside the heavy duty plastic interior of the case.  Tons of it!  When I finally zipped the bag closed, flipped up the handle and wheeled it down the hall I couldn’t help but smile.  It rolled effortlessly and felt like it weighed nothing.  When it was time to get the bag into the car that was no problem either.  Scuba bags are designed to carry heavy stuff which gets hoisted around so there are plenty of re-inforced handles to grab all around the bag.

The gig we played was outdoors so the gear bag was dragged over numerous surfaces; gravel, pavement and of course grass.  The tough, rugged little wheels were designed for just this type of thing and also worked like a charm!

So these old scuba gear bags may turn out to be a handy alternative to the old hockey-bag or expensive new “Drum Hardware Bag” that are out there.  Heck, you may even have one lying around and not even realize how valuable it actually is!

Rock On….