Hey, how are you doing?  Welcome to my Home Recording Studio blog.  I’m starting this as a subsection of my main blog, Tech Please I’m Outta Here.  I wanted to keep this stuff separate from the main blog which focuses on all sorts of other stuff.  I felt that if I rolled musical stuff into that it’d get lost in the shuffle and be a pain-in-the-ass to navigate.

I am a re-emerging musician.  That is to say I put away my musical ambitions and instruments as a teenager, got a job, a family and a real-life.  After many years though I’ve hauled the old drum kit out of storage, cleaned it up and started playing again.

Fortunately for me a few of my old friends are in the same boat.  They’ve re-discovered their old loves and are playing once again.  I think as we push into middle age we realize that if you don’t do it now, you might never get the chance.

Since I like to pick, pluck and poke at other instruments than my drums and since I have a few lying around I decided to set up a home studio.  There is a ton of information on the Internet about doing this and I studied a lot of it.

Remember that I’m an amateur musician at best and a complete novice in the world of recording.  While I had the chance to work with some mixers in my youth and even attended a few recording sessions I have no hands-on experience.  Much of what I read was way to sophisticated for what I wanted to do.  Plus, I didn’t want to spend a ton of money.

In this blog I will pass on my experiences with various elements of music development as I encounter them.  My target audience are folks like me.  I hope you find the information entertaining and informative.

Oh, and check out my main blog; Tech Please – I’m Outta Here